There is supposed to be light snow about today..not seen any yet.  I love snow and am one of those people who can smell snow.   It excites me, I feel a flutter inside with the thought of it snowing.  For a while snow is pure, untouched and blanks out the hardness around us. It is silent and dense at the same time.  It whispers comfortably that spring is on its way because below its carpet the snowdrops and crocuses are beginning their journey upwards.


However, so far today there is nothing, just the coldness that gives a hint that it might come.

I haven’t been out today yet apart from to get some fish out of the freezer on the back deck.

Today Mr Hsg and I have been discussing the fact that our 3 WiFi dongle may have been hacked into thus disrupting our internet access.  It appears that last month we used around 30 gig of downloads.  We do not download films or anything requiring a good broadband because we have fluctuating signals on the cut.

I used to work in IT.  I once learnt COBOL, and BASIC, then I was a Business Objects Administrator, I worked with Access, Faststats, I used Datastage, I used to work with immense databases and files and Sequel language and some others I can’t remember now.   I have had knowledge of computing to a deep level, but my memory is full of holes now so that I sort of know and understand some of it, but can’t quite remember most of it.  I can’t even described what I did very well now.  So, talking to Mr Hsg about the security and WPA, WPA2 etc and maybe changing ‘the something?’ to make it more secure is really frustrating.  I lose the words to describe what I am trying to say, but also lose some of the information so that I cannot put my thoughts together.  I will give up at that point because it gets more and more confusing in my head.

I think that is the reason why I do a lot of thinking when I am lying awake in bed, either in the middle of the night or early morning.  I can allow my thoughts to wander, remember, and re-remember to keep them there.

Author: Gill

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