Image We walked a short way at Shugborough Estate the other day, It was a mixture of bright sunshine and dull sky.  It was bitter outside but still.

I think I may have migraine today I feel….slightly jittery inside, I have a headache and I feel nauseous.  I have had more lately than I have had for a while.

I was musing through my bookmarked sites this morning and spent some time on Goodreads.  I love books and have probably read thousands throughout my lifetime.  These days I find I am not able to read more than one book at a time, and when I do I have to keep reading it regularly at a steady pace because I forget who the characters are.  The complexity of the links between the characters become confusion if they are not explained when they are introduced.  I used to be able work out the relationships and connection between the characters which becomes frustrating because I am constantly having to re read parts to get them.  This is a shame as I have so many books lined up to read!  Currently I am reading The Almond Tree by Michelle Cohen Corasanti which promises to be an excellent story with lots of characters whose connections are important.  The names which are not English are unfamiliar to me which will make it slightly harder to remember, but I am excited to read this book.

Author: Gill

I read books and review them. Books are my escape. I have always loved books. I write a blog, I get involved where and when I can in things I feel that are important. I also have Alzheimer's Disease but it does not define who I am. I am in the early stages so you may not notice. So, I will tell you how it is.

Happy to hear your thoughts...

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