Fibro body day

I have fibro body this week, my right shoulder is painful when I bend my head forward, I have pain in my wrists, my lower back and the end joints of my middle fingers.  All of my fingers are beginning to hurt when I bend my fingers into my palms, and the bend gets less as time goes on.  On a scale of 1 to 10 the pain is 8.5.  I have been very tired and have been asleep by 10pm then waking only once at 3.30am I slept heavily till morning, but when I wake up I am still tired, the night has not refreshed me.  On Wednesday I found Hydrotherapy too painful and left the pool early.  I think that I am having an extreme bout of Fibro at the moment but it will subside.

Last night Mr Hs said ‘We will get up early and go out to Birmingham Today we are going out to the Museum and to the camera shop’; Mr Hs would like to treat himself to a new camera when the boat sells.  It will make the difficulties of saying goodbye to an era that was his life-saver a positive thing to do.  However, this morning when I said we were going out, he asked me where we were going.  I find it hard to tell when someone is joking or not, and I especially do not ‘get’ Mr Hs’ dry joking sense of humour at times.  I wish people wouldn’t joke that way because it confuses me.  I think this has been a lifelong problem for me because it is a Dyspraxic train trait only now it feels more of a problem.  I encouraged him to think about it – use it or lose it; and eventually he said Birmingham, then that we needed coal.  If he is not faking not remembering then we have a problem between us because it would appear that his memory is worse than mine!

I am finding that as I write I cannot remember what I have written before, I don’t remember the details, the words, or the subject.  This means quite possibly and probably I may be repeating what I have already said because it would be ridiculous to re-read everything I have written each time I write some more.

Playing around with my photographs reminds me I need to lose some weight!


Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

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