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For the past few days my head has been ‘thick’.  I feel groggy and rubbish! My head hurts on the right side slightly higher than the area the pain was before.  Is this my brain or is this my fibro?  I have had a lot more pain walking recently, with a pain in right groin and pain in my knee and the left side of my lower back.  I seem to have settled into a day of relative activity and a day of rest.  Advice from others fibro sufferers say to pace yourself, and certainly there are days I need to rest up to be able to have some energy later.

I have also been trying out lactase tablets which enables me to have milk. Using some lactose free milk I made cauliflower cheese which was very yummy but my stomach gurgled all night.   I don’t think I would like to try it too often.

Some days I really can’t be bothered to cook, lately I would be quite content not to bother eating so it is good that I need to feed Mr Hs!  I did make a chocolate and pear pudding yesterday using raw chocolate pie.  I bought raw chocolate bars because I tasted Chocolate Pie from Raw Intent, (a company that I can’t find any trace of now).  The bars I bought somehow did not have the same delicious taste, so I thought I would cook with it.  This of course is an experiment and after cooking I found I didn’t want to eat it…..I will be brave and have it later today :S  I will stick to Booja Booja raw chocolate in future.

When we were in Burton yesterday we went into Smith’s to look for magazines and I almost walked out of the shop with one without a thought that I had to pay for it.  Mr Hs commented that I needed to pay for it which made me realise how poor my attention is at times.  Scary!

We were also talking about power of attorney and know that we need to get it sorted out.  We discussed who would have power of attorney over who in the event it is needed.  In light of the fact that Mr Hsg has been getting confused recently and has had memory lapses which feels like a warning, I have asked my Daughter to accept power of attorney if Mr Hs is not capable. Thank goodness she said she would.Image

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