SHOUTING and pyramids

Today I will share what irritates the hell out of me, and maybe others too.

Okay, here we go….1.  CAPITAL LETTER WRITING

Why do some people write onshoutangryly in capital letters?  You cannot read capital letters without thinking of the advert and HI, MY NAME IS BARRY SCOTT AND I WANT TO TELL YOU ABOUT CILLIT BANG…..    Capital letters are SHOUTING at the top of your voice. It is angry talk.

You shout TO people without listening, you talk WITH people giving them a chance to put their opinions forward.

I have often seen religious writing  that have capital letters, and to be quite frank I find it offensive.  Don’t tell me what I should believe as if it is the truth.  If I won’t believe you if you talk I certainly won’t believe it if you SHOUT, in fact I won’t read it because it is too hard to read writing that only uses CAPITAL LETTERS.   And breathe…..

Next:  2.   PYRAMID BLOGGING..or whatever

Life is too full of what you can get instead of what you can give.  Is there any respectability, or honesty in purporting to write random things to sell the idea that you can make money with the banal?   So lets get this straight…I do not write my thoughts for money…I write, I hope with some integrity because it is cathartic, because it helps me cope with having Alzheimer’s, because I want others to see that having Alzheimer’s is more than dementia and has no respect for intelligence, class, success, wealth or certainty in ones own future.  I want to be able to record my demise in words as it happens – in real time.  Thus you will notice that I will repeat myself in my blogs because I cannot remember what I have already written and have you ever tried to trawl through your writing to see if you have already covered it?  Actually it does show me the errors I write and how uninteresting it is sometimes, not to worry though as I enjoy writing it!

If I wanted to make money from my writing I would write books, although, thank you, yes I am quite aware of my limitation with the written word before you comment!


Rant over, thank you for listening….hello, hello…anybody left out there reading this?  😉

Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

2 thoughts on “SHOUTING and pyramids”

  1. Yes, you are read by at least one person (and doubtless many, many more), and oh, trust me, you are appreciated. Please keep blogging. To paraphrase an over-worn yet undeniably appropriate cliche, you’re doing a fine job of the go-not-gently and the rage-against. I salute you!


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