Swallows and warm days

At last the sun is warm and in abundance.  We have decided that because it is Bank Holiday Monday we will stay around the boat and do chores, reserving our outings to mid-week when there are less people around.  I have washed the windows, taken the plants off the roof, and soaked them.  I want to create a boat-top garden for some flowers and herbs this year, and maybe some tomatoes.

We joined our boat neighbours at the picnic bench and chat until it started to get cool.  .  As we sat we watched the swallows around us dipping into the water to catch the early evening flies.  It was so peaceful in the warmth of the day to be in such a lovely setting.  It was good to get together; the boating community are such a friendly bunch of people and we all extolled how lucky we are to be living such a relaxing life.

The table was covered with wine, lager, glasses, and a jug of water, nobody had finished cooking or eating so the alcohol was a little more effective than all 7 of us had intended!  I had made a hotpot in the slow cooker, but later found I had not turned it on!  I cooked an omelette instead which did not look at all appetising.

This morning when we woke I checked twitter, and found my daughter had been yet again taken to A&E due to an attack of gallstones.  She is now unable to eat anything without it setting off extreme pain for her.  At hospital they did a blood test and said her liver had only been compromised a little, which is more than her last blood test at ‘not at all’.  I worry because having struggled with an eating disorder which she has overcome; she is now in a state where she is having to reduce her food intake because she cannot tolerate the pain.  She was sent home with the advice to keep taking pain killers.  She has an appointment with a consultant in two weeks time, but will still have to wait for a date to have her gall bladder removed.  I had to wait 6 long painful months, sleeping through most of it through the sickness and being clearly unwell.  I hope the NHS will be more kindly to my daughter who is only 27.

As I sit here writing this, I can hear the Buzzards calling as they fly high over the marina, along with the chatter of small birds in the hedge.

Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

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