Writing process malfunction

Reading my last post I see the breakdown in the flow in my writing.  Am I having difficulty comprehending sentences, or am I having difficulty in writing fluently?  I have had to do some editing to make sense of it.

I hear the sentences in my head as I write, and as I speak them it makes sense, so I would deduce it would make sense when I read the written word back.  Not so, when I look at what I have written a couple of days later, I can’t make sense of the sentences.  In fact what I have read does not match what I thought I had written because there are several words missing!  So, I am saying the words in my head but not typing them.  I am a touch typist; I have no need to look at the keyboard for the words in my head to be transformed onto the screen automatically without any thought about typing.  There may be a malfunction of the way my brain transmits the signal of words to my fingers.

Author: Gill

I was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's aged 58 after 20+ years of memory and other cognitive difficulties. It was both a relief and a shock getting the diagnosis. But, I am determined to live a happy and productive life with this disease. Enjoy what I can do and push as much as I can physically, mentally and emotionally will always be my mantra :) My plan is to live simply, create a wildlife garden for birds and bees to enjoy when I can no longer garden.

Happy to hear your thoughts...

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