Our break away in Budapest – 15/02/14

Budapest is beautiful!  We stayed in the La Prima Fashion Hotel and I am glad I chose it.  My daughter and I walked our socks off around the city.  On our first day we walked the 2.5 kilometres up Andrassy Utca (street) stopping for coffee and a visit to The House of Terror where so many people died during the Communist regime in Hungary.  It was well designed and informative, but most of all very moving.  Continuing up Andrassy Street the buildings were unique in design with stone figures, ornate balconies or decorated facades.  There is a gothic feel to some buildings giving the appearance of opulence.  We went through into the inner courtyards of the many storied buildings peeking at the galleried residential apartments.  Our destination was Szechenyi Thermal Bath and Spa.  Paying for a little wooden cabin we changed into our swim suits and headed to the pool.  Through the door in front of us lay a labyrinth of pools each with a different temperature.  We tried out several pools; 34° – 38° and then went ventured outside into the open air.  The pool was hot and steam rose in the cold air like a thick fog.  It was glorious!  Our last pool inside was a hot 40° which we were in and out of quickly, we declined the final ice cold plunge pool!  It was a most pleasurable experience.

We ate and drank Hungarian, all the while chatting and enjoying each other company.  We walked to Buda and enjoyed the medieval town, taking the bus back.  My body screaming in pain is letting me know I have done too much.  But we had a fabulous time.

In the past, as the parent I have ‘done the talking’, this time I did not feel so confident to ask or explain things and passed to my daughter that task, which she did so eloquently.  I was aware of being inattentive to my surroundings more than once had to make sure I was not standing in the road whist taking photographs.  We talked about my fears that Mr Hsg is unable to care for me, and she reassured me that she would bring me nearer to her when the time is right.  London would not be my first choice, but being near her would be.

Author: Gill

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