My Alzheimer’s Journey – an update

I had an appointment at the opticians yesterday after having some problems with my vision.  A couple of days my right eye hurt and my vision appears to have worsened over the past couple of months.  My eye pressures were fine, and in fact were lower than they have been at 19 and 20 mmHg (millimetres of mercury [mmHg]).  As I have thicker corneas the pressure will always register slightly higher.  I need new glasses for distance.

I mentioned that when I read the right hand side gets smaller, so that it is like reading down a funnel, and that it feels like my right eye is not quite functioning properly.

This is how it looks to me

So, the opticians gave my eyes a thorough check and said my eyes look healthy.  We discussed the brain scan I had had two years ago and the fact that the abnormality, and head pain I get is all on the right side.  It could be a problem with perception rather than my eyes she said; my brain you mean, I thought.  I am not sure whether I am worried or fascinated by the neurology of it all.   I thought of Terry Pratchett  and his rare type of Alzheimer’s affection his sight.  We know very little still, about the brain.

A letter to my Doctor to refer me either to my Consultant for the Alzheimers, or the Consultant for my eyes to re-check all is ok will be sent.  Seems like it is more to do with my brain than eyes. 

An Interesting part of my Alzheimer’s Journey….

Author: Gill

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