Alzheimer’s: Dreams and beyond 🌏


Just been scrolling through and reading some posts of the people I follow, and some I haven’t met yet.  I love reading travel blogs and seeing pictures, something interesting, not just blurb about the places that can be read in any travel brochure but personal experience.

Thing is, I seem to have a ‘compulsion’ to seek out personal experiences in remote places.  I am not totally sure why this is, but I feel as if I am always searching for something, some truth or peace.   Is this something new?  No, I think I have been like this my whole life.   I enjoy seeing the simplicity of people’s lives, and even though I know it is a hard existence I find myself imagining what it would be like to return to basics, to be filled with the simple pleasure of seeing the mountains/forests/rocks/grasslands around me.

I found a great site called Gypsy by trade and devoured their experiences feeling so envious.  How wonderful to work and save for six months and then travel by bike around remote places.   To meet the people they have met, seen such wonderful land around them.

Of course it is an absolutely ridiculous thing for me to feel envious of their lifestyle, I am too old, too decrepit and in pain with Fybromyalgia, and I have Alzheimer’s, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming.

Hope is a waking dream.  
– Aristotle

I believe that my peace is without luxury, it is plain, natural, and honest.  It is in silence in the midst of the roar of nature.  I think if I were remotely religious I would be a Quaker.  I once attended a course on debt at the Quakers House in Leicester and remember the feelings of peace being there with the simple style of plain wooden furniture and the calm of the gardens.

I feel sometimes as if my life has fallen through the holes of sieve. The excitement of my youth with dreams and plans trickled through with lack of confidence to live, fell through first…

Now; I feel a contentment in myself, I am terrified for my future with Alzheimer’s because there is nothing I can do to change it, but right now I am comfortable with who I am, and how I am.  I have the peace of being on water, waking up to the birds each morning, and most days no industrial noises.  Only when the wind blows one way does the traffic intrude.

However, that yearn for travel is still with me, searching for the love of experiencing other places.  I love the excitement of getting on a plane and landing somewhere I have never been.  Early this year it was Budapest, a wonderful place, and memories with my daughter.  We drank in the architecture, the history and culture.  We walked and walked finding enjoying the different areas.

Our next adventure will be to Alaska, my dream place to be.  Our once in a lifetime holiday whilst my mental abilities are still good.   I am not sure how long it will take me to save up but I am already excited to breathe in the remoteness, the stillness, and moments of being surrounded by peace.


Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

9 thoughts on “Alzheimer’s: Dreams and beyond 🌏”

  1. Oh, how I understand that yearning for travel and for peace in nature. My childhood was spent “out of town” in farm country of southwestern Pennsylvania. We didn’t live on a farm, but between two of them, and although my youthful dream was to go to the big city, I often dream now of going back home to walk down the winding lane of Lions’ farm and to watch the ponies cavorting over at Frantz’s farm. I want to drive from the valley up the mountain among the beautiful forest of Appalachian trees and catch an occasional glimpse of a deer. And I want to sit by the stream where Daddy taught me to catch trout — which I didn’t even like to do!

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    1. That sounds like a wonderful place to have grown up in, I can just picture it 🙂 Maybe some day you can return to nature?


  2. You are much too young for this to happen. You encourage me. I’ve difficulty hanging onto a thought. I remind myself to buck up, don’t complain, be happy. I’ll follow your travel adventures and pray for our well-being to endure for as long as possible.


    1. Thank you Meredith. I do think you are allowed to complain sometimes 🙂 Having ALZ is the most scariest thing to have at any age, it robs without compassion.
      Make no apologies for day that are a struggle. I just try and keep positive.

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      1. I follow our young woman who is caring for her husband who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. I have two young children.i’ll be coming back to your page as I pray for you.


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