Technology has got the better of my Alzheimer’s

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Eek!  Bear with me, I am having problems with my blog site domain name.

Having worked for nearly 10 years in IT, I am now finding myself unable to negotiate simple instructions.

I thought it would be great to have my own domain name, so I bought mine and have been trying to attach it to my blog.  So far with the help of several wonderfully patient WordPress support staff on the end of live chat, and I thought I had got it sorted.  I may have but the problem is, now I cannot access my own site!  After having cleared my ‘cache’ still no go.  So I have no idea if anyone else can see it!

In case you can:  Normal service will be resumed shortly (when I can find a 7 year old child to help me).

So, if I don’t respond, it is because I am the only one not to be able to access the gubbins of my own blog. Sorry.

Am working on it………

Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

11 thoughts on “Technology has got the better of my Alzheimer’s”

  1. Hope you can get into your WordPress site again soon. How frustrating for you, Gill. I don’t suppose your husband is a technology whizz or he’d have worked the problem out for you.

    I find computer technology a bit of a challenge at the best of times, but can’t possibly imagine how you must find it now (after having worked in IT). I think you’re doing exceptionally well at the moment.

    I don’t think anyone can possibly know how you feel with your current life challenges unless they are in the ‘same shoes’.

    I can only imagine your frustration and anxiety (at knowing that knowledge is slowly slipping away from your grasp). I don’t like the changes WordPress has done in the last couple of weeks, myself. As I have 3 blogs, I find the top of the page and how one gets into one’s dashboard/admin confusing. I wish WordPress had left it the way it was before Christmas.


    1. Breathing a sigh of relief here Vicki – now I can see it and access it again without out having to jump through rings and squares! My husband has as much technological sense as a worm! I have to explain to him what to do. I do find it frustrating because in the back of my mind there are fragments of things I know, but the rest I can’t remember.

      I keep reverting to ‘classic’ with WP at present and am not quite sure what to make of the new look. Trying to make things easier somehow makes them less usable. 🙂

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      1. I always use the ‘classic’ old way of posting, Gill. The new WordPress seems convoluted and complex to me. In my working life, I had this enormous capacity to skim over tasks & projects, organise and get through great volumes of account reconciliations. Was also extremely skilled at intricate puzzles and mazes. Now…I can barely remember what I did yesterday. Started taking acetyl-l-carnitine a couple of weeks ago and my cognitive function and energy is starting to pick up very quickly. Looks like it’s a winner for me. Now, let’s hope I can afford it on an ongoing basis – a Govt. Disability Pension doesn’t go far in Australia.


  2. I really sympathize with you….. empathize may be more accurate …. without any memory issues, I have had entire weeks or weekends when I absolutely focused on a wordpress problem. One week last spring I was on the internet so much that I stumbled on a wordpress conference in Philadelphia! I emailed the contact who encouraged me to attend, said there would be wordpress people of “all levels” in attendance, surely I could solve my problem there. So, I paid my $25, decided I could face hundreds of young geeks, put away my pink and yellow vera bradley bag and found my black backpack, put on jeans and headed into Philadelphia. Yep,there were wordpress-ers of nearly all levels and, amazingly, all ages, and at an open forum I got the answer to my question. But the sessions were far above my blog level. No wonder we have problems despite the help that’s offered on Chat. WordPress is so complex.

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    1. Thats sounds like a cool conference to have been at. I bet lots of people had a smile of ‘I understand’ on their faces thinking that everyone else understood apart from them! I am currently doing a free online course (from Open2Study) about writing for the internet which is brilliant and I am pleased to say it is completely within my level of understanding.
      I am so pleased I have sorted it out, even though I have no idea how! 🙂


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