Dementia: Changes afoot

I have been a bit absent of late.  Sorry for that.  Please forgive me if you have commented and I haven’t responded.   Major changes in my life right now.

I have just signed a tenancy agreement for a ‘compact but bijou’ flat in Newbury where I will be moving early next month.

Going it alone.

Have been stressed beyond reason at times, trying to sort out some new accommodation, but have just spent a week of total relaxtion with my daughter in London.  Ok I know that seems an incongruous with peace and calm but trust me it was.    I have made phone calls, sent emails then lost myself in mindless tv programmes on SKY to recover!

Moving to a new town where I know nobody, not even the town itself is quite daunting but is a new adventure for me.   I am moving into Sheltered Housing, to a Studio Flat in a building which is right on a river.  I can see the river from my window so it   is good.  Water is important to me and I happy to be near it.

Today I signed the tenancy agreement, caught a bus into the town and walked around.  Its nice.  I will like it here.  Then in a year’s time I will apply to transfer to another property in London near my daughter.    For now though an hour’s train journey is the closest I can get to be near her.   This is my future.

My sole furniture is:  one recliner chair and stool, an old pine bookcase, an old pine tv table both which I will upcycle with some nice paint.    I have no:  fridge, cooker, bed.    Who cares!

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you wish the would.   Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s was a major trauma. and not just for me.   There is no point in being angry at people who you thought could cope.  People are individual, some can deal with things like this, some can’t.  No blame.

Now, I am about to try start again.

Next post I will talk about how I have found support and help from the services who promote their services.

Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

10 thoughts on “Dementia: Changes afoot”

  1. Its so good to hear things are moving ahead for you. I’m sorry for the changes in your life but I admire your courage and strength my friend. Also, I was reading a bit to my husband of this article and he said “You and Gill are exactly alike … one point was the “recover” part of watching TV” .. That’s exactly what I do too. I need that downtime.. that and music through my ear buds at night when I go to sleep. I guess it’s a way to “stop the stimulation of stress from other things and just “recover” – perfect word – that’s it exactly. Recover!! ❤

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  2. “Sometimes things just don’t work out the way you wish they would.” Whatever we say about dementia, however I try to rationalise my relationship with my mother these days, I couldn’t put it more simply yet more meaningfully than those words Gill. I wish you all the very best in the next stage of your life. I hope the love and support you inspire in so many of us will help you. Stay strong. Duncan

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