Alzheimers Journal: The move

I packed all of my life into boxes, how much stuff can one get on a small boat is incredible!  I am sure a lot of it should be thrown away and when I continue opening boxes I shall be doing so.   Trying to be organised when you have Alzheimer’s is  incongruous to the task.   In my defence I will say that I was trying to keep the boxes light by adding a random assortment of things into each 😉

I dare not stop to think about the emotional cost of what was happening because I needed to be focussed on making sure everything I needed to do was done on time.   I tentatively wrote on each box what was in it, but by the time it was filled I had no real idea what I had put in there!

I said goodbye to my cat of thirteen years who was remaining behind with my husband, she would be happier to remain in a life that suited her.   To my friends I had made in the marina, and my boat that I had lived on for 5 years.

I will allow myself one teary week, then will get on with it .

Moving into an Anchor Housing studio flat is not the worst thing to do.  I have already met some lovely people and with the knowledge that there is a Manager on site it is extremely suitable.

Unpacking is a nightmare, but I don’t need to tell you that do I?   I have little furniture having bought a pine bookcase and tv table at a community furniture project that I shall very shortly be ‘upcycling’ by painting and maybe distressing.

In my first week I have had a cooker, fridge freezer and carpet installed and fitted.

I have been sleeping on my chair which is excruciatingly painful when you have fibromyalgia.    Then my wooden bed arrived which I put together – splendid.  No mattress yet though 😦   I have tried to make a ‘nest’ of duvets and anything soft to use it to sleep on, and its almost comfortable (okay not the right word but I am being positive here).   Then yesterday I put together the drawers that go underneath the bed, well supposedly!  They are either 2cm to high or the bed is 2cm too short whichever way you look at it.  So I have emailed the ‘not so helpful’ Mr, to ask if they can give me a date for my mattress being delivered (which they previously just said no), and what can be done about the drawers not going under the bed.  Frankly I am not expecting much response from them, and I am tiring of trying to sort things out.   I have noticed that where as once I was able to spring into action and get things done, now I have to plan everything I do.  The stress makes me more ‘befuddled’ so I will take my time, there is no hurry.

Emotionally, I do what I do to stay positive and upbeat.

Author: Gill

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8 thoughts on “Alzheimers Journal: The move”

  1. Oh my goodness, sounds like I just went through some of what you are going through. I also tried to lighten each moving box by putting some lighter stuff in (with books & so on). I didn’t label the boxes though. I never thought of it. I just put some on one side of the room and some on the other (in this fantasy idea that I was in control and could tell family & removalist how to pack & unpack the removal van).

    I understand how you’re feeling having FM myself. Amidst the chaos of my new living space piled high with ‘stuff’, the first thing I did was make my bed.

    I must say my current house move – since being in the one flat for 15 years – has been a nightmare. I have a list in front of my computer, but kept forgetting to do the important things first. I’m a bit obsessive/complusive and couldn’t cope with family or friends saying let’s do this & that today. Their suggestions wasn’t in the order of my list and I started getting confused. It’s been so stressful trying to remember what to do and I don’t have early onset Alzhiemers. I must admit that memory & cognitive function has dropped dramatically since all the ‘moving house’ stress appeared. Reminds me of why I had to give up working in early 2010 – can’t think straight when under pressure.

    Can’t imagine how you slept in a chair with FM.

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    1. Oh yes Vicki sounds just the same as me! Just had an update on my mattress to say it will be delivered on 29th April!!!!!!! Having ordered it on 3rd April I am mortified. I could cry thinking of continuing to have the most painful nights ever, but have no choice. Onwards and upwards though…

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      1. My super expensive (damn, can’t think what it’s called….not inner springs….uhmm…than special stuff that molds to your shape if you’re a side sleeper) is heaven-sent, Gill. I bought it with some of my termination payment on leaving my job in 2010. I’ve since had a sleep study done and when sleeping on my back have sleep apnoea, BUT since I’ve had lumbar disc surgery 2008, can only sleep on my side anyway).

        So sorry to hear your bed delivery is being delayed. Know anyone with a pump-up inflatable bed (used in camping)? That might help a wee bit.

        I could cry for you. I literally can’t sleep in a strange bed (including in hospital).

        I suppose you’ll just have to make the best of it. Wish I wasn’t on the other side of the world and could help you out. I just hope the stress isn’t making your FM worse.

        PS Is it ‘latex’ (that my bed is made of)?


      1. FM sucks Karen doesn’t it. I keep forgetting I have it and wonder why I am exhausted and in pain all the time – then remember its my ‘normal’ now! Then I wonder how the heck I can forget, but then realise I am living with it, not ‘suffering’ with it stopping me. 🙂


  2. My friend, where to begin. First of all – your blog is exactly how I feel and what I’m going through right now too. So I hope that brings some sort of comfort that it’s ok to feel the way you’re feeling. It’s our norm now but it’s its ok. I’m frustrated too that I cant get things organized and packed like I once was able to.. the emotional roller coaster of what to keep and not to keep since we are going into an RV has taken its toll on me too. I was never indecisive before, and now I am .. over every little thing. I have yet to even do an address change with our post office as I’m so overwhelmed with the prospect, though excited to move and travel, its exhausting all the work and frustrated with myself that I’m not who I was before, and would have taken all this with stride.

    I wish I wasn’t here in the US and near you to help or to at least hug and cry together 😉 Hopefully someday my friend we can travel for a vacation close to you to finally meet.

    I’m so happy and encouraged to hear that you HAVE made the move and transitioning the best that you can. It gives me hope and determination to help me with my move also.

    Rest and “zone out” to whatever gives you a bit of peace and comfort.. TV, music. whatever. That”s what helps me. Much love my friend!

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    1. Melanie, travelling in an RV sounds wonderful! So excited for you, and who knows I may be able to travel later this year! Yes I understand about the indecisiveness, I can almost see myself when I am out, bumbling about and not being able to say something definite. Much love and strength you to my friend.

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