I feel angry…

Why oh why are there so many articles about how to prevent dementia by changing your lifestyle?  This Guardian article makes me go……. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Lifestyle changes could prevent a third of dementia cases, report suggests


Before commenting, read the article please.

What I would like to say is that change your lifestyle to drink less, stop smoking, be more active, keep your brain active and it will make you feel better, make your health better but it WILL NOT STOP YOU GETTING DEMENTIA.

The research/study they must be using to suggest lifestyle can prevent dementia can be applied to any of the following:

Heart disease, Lung disease, obesity, high blood pressure, Diabetes, help with arthritis..and any other condition that being active can help with.

Articles like this make me so angry.  Why?  Because it gives false hope and mis-information.   At present there is no cure for Dementia.  Research has yet to find out what causes dementia, they are beginning to understand what is going on a bit better, but not why this happens.  If they did all of us living with dementia would be on some sort of medication to reverse it, or totally halt it, and we are not.

These articles are really about unhealthy lifestyles and what can happen in the long term.  So why not write that?   Some dementias can be directly through lifestyle such as Korsakoff Syndrome caused by alcohol misuse or nutrient deficiency.   Some dementias can develop through the result of traumatic brain injury.

Here are some REAL sites to find information about dementia from professional bodies and people leading the support, help and information sharing for dementia.

So, I wish these newspapers stopped writing this rubbish just to fill space because it is not helping.

Rant over……..




Author: Gill

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8 thoughts on “I feel angry…”

  1. I hear you! Rant away. The other thing those articles often do is make the person feel guilty – as though it’s their own fault they got dementia because they haven’t exercised enough or enjoy a glass of wine with a meal or had the occasional Mars Bar instead of a nutritious lunch.


    1. Exactly Mary. Thank you. Dementia is not fussy who it chooses, fit, unfit, highly educated, little educated….

      We don’t need to be made feel guilty as if we have somehow brought it on ourselves.


  2. I feel exactly the same. Dementia will get you regardless if you are fit or not. It doesn’t care. It gets my goat!! Lol I have well meaning friends tell me that if i cooked more with coconut oil than i wouldn’t have dementia. I have always cooked with coconut oil, so then they have nothing to say. it’s all pants


    1. Agree! Coconut oil, drink less, have a glass of wine a day, do more exercise, do Sudoko, Sing more, learn an instrument….the list goes on.

      We should all do things to make us healthier but its not going to stop dementia! lol


  3. The key word in all of these stories is COULD so that right there means tread with caution. While I totally understand your feelings in some ways making some lifestyle changes could possibly maybe help since there are things like vascular dementia but AD strikes anyone from the couch potato to the jock. It shows no preferences…. sigh.


    1. I understand what you are saying and agree that changing your lifestyle can help you stay healthier and can probably prevent a lot of illnesses like diabetes, liver disease etc, but this articles is


      that it can prevent dementia.

      Someone else pointed out to me that it almost points a finger of blame on people living with dementia that somehow their lifestyle was not healthy enough to have got the disease.

      I am not sure which of these dementias the article means it could prevent?

      Alzheimer’s disease.
      Vascular dementia.
      Dementia from Parkinson’s disease and similar disorders.
      Dementia with Lewy bodies.
      Frontotemporal dementia (Pick’s disease)
      Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

      What I am angry with are the newspaper articles giving totally false information to the general public like this because it is picked up by the media and taken out of context.

      Out of interest, my mother had vascular dementia, she never smoked, never drank and rode her bike everywhere until she was in her 80’s. She never drove so unless she was on her bike she was walking. She never ate ‘fast’ food but cooked every meal from scratch. It was not her fault she got the disease. I can only recall one relative who had dementia and that was Auntie Lizzie on my fathers side so it is obviously not in our genetic make up.

      As you say it shows no preference 😦

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