Photography and friends

My lovely friend on the very top of Snowden Mountain in Wales, UK

Having recently lent my camera to my friend whilst we were on holiday, I have learnt a little more about camera’s and photography through my dear friend of 30 years who is recovering from breast cancer and is an inspiration with her cheerful outlook to life.  I lent her my Panasonic Lumix G5K, set it on iA (automatic) for her showed her how to focus in on a subject and away she went.  David Bailey eat your heart out!  Not only did she take good photographs, her photographs were well thought out.  Her home life is not pleasant, so it was such a delight to see her come alive with enthusiasm.  She said she did not know she loved photography until she was given the opportunity.  As I talked to her about camera the bits I found I knew and realised that I am slowly learning more and more even it is taking a long time.

A dandelion to be captured!

Every time I turned round Sheila was bending over or on her knees photographing some flower on the side of a road.

Having realised that she can no longer work at her three cleaning jobs anymore she has been looking for some purpose for herself.  This is a woman who gives all of herself to others, feeling that she herself should take second place…it breaks my heart when I think of how miserable her life is at home.

On holiday she bravely left off her hat unless the wind was cold!   “Nobody knows me here” she said “so they won’t laugh at me“.    “They laugh at you because you have had cancer?” I asked her, and she gave me a look that understood what I was saying.

When we got home, I set about printing out her photos for her.  She does not have a computer and is not technological in any way.  At present she says she would never learn how to use one…we will see 😉  Whilst we were away I ordered paper and inks ready and set about printing the 600 plus photos she had taken!!  When we viewing on my laptop she would say “I want that blurred one, because I took it as we were driving in the car“.  It has taken several days and I finally finished having got through two and a half packs of inks.

We will take them to her next week, (sadly we live too far apart to just ‘pop round’ with them)  and I can’t wait to give them to her.

Bee on flower taken by Sheila

I’ve won a prize in a draw!

Whoo hoo,

My phone rang and it was someone from the Plassey Centre, Wrexham to say that the draw ticket I bought in aid of North West Cancer Research, was picked out.

I have won a Framed Limited Edition Print.  

“What is it like” I asked.

“Hang on I will have a look…………..its a scene and it is fairly large” was the reply.

So I have no idea what it is of, whether it is a print of a photo, a watercolour, or who it is by. It doesn’t matter because whatever it is I have won it. Even the fact that we have no wall space on our narrowboat home big enough for a large picture is not important.  I have emailed Eyton Framers who donated it for some information and am excited for their reply.

Logistically, we are not close to Wrexham to pick it up..just a minor detail.   I have made an arrangement to collect it when we return for a break in a few months.

I won a prize in a draw, well fancy that.



Holiday, electricity, and space

I have been on was lovely.


We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast run by Rosemary at LLanfyllin, Powys.  We have been a few times now and even got married from there.  Walking into the cottage is like coming home, with Rosemary welcoming us as friends.

To begin with we stayed in the cottage (on the end) which we love, then at the end of the week we had to move to the bed and breakfast side, but we love being in there also.  The place is like being in someones home full of  pictures, china and clocks. There are so many clocks in the cottage with each one stopped with a different time so that time stands still at different times.

I love Wales as it makes me feel peaceful with so much space to breathe in.

I find myself looking at all the cottages for sale and imagining if I could live there.  The more I look I realise that I would like some isolation without close neighbours.  A garden to grow vegetables in, with a view that stretches out before me and somewhere to sit and watch birds with my little book to identify them.  Mr Hs said that you would become complacent about the view after a while, but I disagree.  I think you would always be in awe at the scene in your sight.

We did the usual National Trust sites and  visited Powis Castle, taking hundreds of photographs, Chirk Castle, and Erddig.

Having been to LLanberis several times we decided to visit the Electric Mountain tour and went down underground,  which was fascinating and not at all what I thought it would be.  When we boarded the bus we were given hard hats, and drove down into a mountain to an underground hydro electric plant.  The size of the space inside was unbelievable.  Wearing our hard hats looked down from a platform at the machinery below, the noise of the water rushing through pipes with a roar.  During peaks in electricity use, such as TV advert breaks when everyone puts their kettle on to boil water for tea, water from a lake on top of the mountain is released through the massive pipes to generate electricity.  Within 12 seconds electricity is added to the national grid to cope with the surge in use.  The waters destination is the lake at the bottom of the lake and at night when the demand is less, the generators are reversed and pump the water back up to the top lake.   Hydro Electric is so beautiful in its concept, its tiny footprint on ecology – fish have their own tunnels to travel along, its impact on global warming is minimal.  There are two hydro electric power stations in Scotland, and I wonder why there are not more in our mountainous areas?  If you get a chance visit one of these marvels of engineering.   (

The holiday takes away the reality of forgetting.  There is nothing to remember, there is a reason to get lost, or be confused in somewhere new.  It is a place to just be someone who is on holiday.   At one point someone in a shop made a joke about dementia and forgetting something, I laughed and said nothing.

I am now recharged, and have come back to appointments to meet the new memory clinic, and consultant.  Get that out of the way and off we go to escape out onto the canal systems in our boat.

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