Matching underwear?

ImageI was at hydrotherapy today, I began to think of matching underwear.   I was changing into my black lacie bra and grey cotton knickers and suddenly wondered if anyone else was changing back into matching underwear.  A quick glance around showed me that nobody was wearing matching underwear that I could tell.  Phew I felt right at home.

A jolly little ensemble to lift your spirits

I don’t think I have ever bought matching underwear, not even when I got married!   In fact I don’t think I have bought bras and knickers at the same time.   I am a bargain shopper, one of those people who look for expensive brands that are in the sale, or cheap but tasteful clothes in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.  Thats not to say I would not like some matching sets of silk underwear in a variety of colours and styles to match my moods, but quite frankly I just couldn’t justify spending big amounts of money for such a luxury, but if I did I would not want to hide them under everyday clothes!  So there lies the problem, is it that I wear casual wear, regatta trousers and polo shirt makes me feel like it doesn’t matter whats underneath?

Dita Von Teese wearing the sort of underwear I would like to own if I did not have so much fat.

I am guessing that maybe business women will be wearing delicate matching sets under their grey business suits and white shirts – or was that in a film I saw once 😉

Slender ladies in slim fitting dresses will probably have silk matching underwear, and curvy real-figured women.

Me, don’t think its every going to happen soon.

Maybe when I next look in Evan the larger ladies shop I will think about it, better not though.


Exercise resumed..sort of!

It hasn’t stopped raining.   No chance to walk round the marina where I live, but Tuesdays is Hydro Active (therapy) days at the Derby Royal Hospital in lovely warm water.  We set off checking our post as we left and I was pleased to receive my new pedometer.  I did thirty minutes of specific exercises in the pool to work the muscles and joints that have been complaining and asked if I could get weighed whilst I was there as I had no idea what my weight was.  Young Olly one of the physios showed me to a room where I could weigh myself and we discussed what was the best way to go about losing weight when you are unable to do much exercise, and have IBS with specific dietary restrictions.   Lovely guy, and really positive too with helpful information.

Afterwards, hubby and I go into town to do a bit of window shopping or real shopping so with my pedometer primed and clipped to my clothes we set off.  After an excrutiating afternoon of walking round, we headed off home with two new Apple Mac Pro’s, and I found I had done nearly 9000 steps – not bad I thought.

Today I have clipped my pedometer on and have just been sorting things out in the boat; at 6′ wide and with only roughly 40′ to walk in I am not holding out much hope of many steps today!   Not to worry, I have weighed my food and added it to my fitness app on my phone.  Yesterday I had 800 calories including wine, so how the heck I am 13stone amazes me!  I don’t think I will be eating much more today, just the usual salad or veg with a bit of meat.  I think I may need to try and balance out some foods a bit more.

Next week at Hydro, I shall be weighing myself, after my pool exercises obviously and will have hopefully lost some weight. I have a few ‘love it’ clothes that I hope to get back in to 🙂

Losing weight..keeping fit

I have been trying to lose weight which is hard when you don’t feel like you can walk far.  So, I decided to be proactive with reducing my calories whilst increasing my exercise.  Easy you say, not really because I have fibromyalgia as well as Alzheimer’s disease which both affect the ability to be active, but I decided that I could start slowly and build up.  So, day one, I roughly calculated my calorie intake and walked around the marina at a brisk walk where I live.  Day two, again keeping my calorie intake around 1000 kc, I walked further round the marina, coming back and falling asleep in the chair outside our boat on the pontoon!   Feeling good about the exercise, and knowing that if I keep going I shall start to lose some weight and be fitter and healthier.


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