Matching underwear?

ImageI was at hydrotherapy today, I began to think of matching underwear.   I was changing into my black lacie bra and grey cotton knickers and suddenly wondered if anyone else was changing back into matching underwear.  A quick glance around showed me that nobody was wearing matching underwear that I could tell.  Phew I felt right at home.

A jolly little ensemble to lift your spirits

I don’t think I have ever bought matching underwear, not even when I got married!   In fact I don’t think I have bought bras and knickers at the same time.   I am a bargain shopper, one of those people who look for expensive brands that are in the sale, or cheap but tasteful clothes in Sainsbury’s supermarkets.  Thats not to say I would not like some matching sets of silk underwear in a variety of colours and styles to match my moods, but quite frankly I just couldn’t justify spending big amounts of money for such a luxury, but if I did I would not want to hide them under everyday clothes!  So there lies the problem, is it that I wear casual wear, regatta trousers and polo shirt makes me feel like it doesn’t matter whats underneath?

Dita Von Teese wearing the sort of underwear I would like to own if I did not have so much fat.

I am guessing that maybe business women will be wearing delicate matching sets under their grey business suits and white shirts – or was that in a film I saw once 😉

Slender ladies in slim fitting dresses will probably have silk matching underwear, and curvy real-figured women.

Me, don’t think its every going to happen soon.

Maybe when I next look in Evan the larger ladies shop I will think about it, better not though.


Author: Gill

I photograph things that take my eye.

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